Better Radiology Experiences

Premier experience suite for diagnostic and interventional radiology practices.

Radiology Survey Solution


Patient Experience

Capture patient insights in real-time to inform quality.


Referring Physician

Understand partner perceptions of your practice.


Physician & Employee

Retain clinicians and employees, mitigate risk.


Customer Service

Close the loop with concerned patients

Proven ROI with Postmarks


average improvement in patient experience scores in the first 6 months


increase in completed patient surveys annually when compared to other vendors


increase in the number of Google business reviews from verified patients


Easily pinpoint areas needing improvement with our comprehensive patient and partner feedback loop.


Dig deeper with custom reporting and comment analysis to better understand patient motivators.


Leverage resources like our Improvement Center and Challenge Mode to engage clinicians.

Implement and track specific interventions with Question Bank.

Reward & Repeat

Our out-of-the box reports and positive provider notifications make it simple to include and share success amongst the whole team in just a few clicks.

Review progress & repeat.

Continuous Improvement

Develop a culture of Improvement with Postmarks. Our tools make engaging the team easy with access at every level of the organization and personalized notifications. Flexible survey solutions allow you to rapidly capture big picture feedback . Adjust campaigns in real time to narrow your focus as insights populate.

  • Access for the whole team
  • Personalized Notifications
  • Real-time adjustment

How It Works

  • 1

    Capture patient feedback

    Surveys sent to patients shortly following their visit using our proven 2-pronged survey approach with text message and email. Results populate in your online dashboard in real-time (1-3 seconds) as soon as a patient completes a survey

  • 2

    Engage Partners

    Demonstrate value and foster relationships with referring physicians and hospital & facility groups with our partner survey solutions. Routinely gather insights on how your practice is being perceived to inform marketing efforts and contract discussions.

  • 3

    Boost online reputation

    Proactively build your online reputation, ensuring reviews represent all that you and your team do so well. Our online tools are proven to show quick and tangible results. See up to a 900% increase in Google review count in just the first 6 months.

Helping Customers Create Patient-Centered Experiences

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